Friday, September 30, 2011

Whorecraft: The Chronicles of Alexstrasza W.I.P.

The name sounds as stupid like a The Chronicles of Riddick, but two months of life of the project i did not come up better. More importantly, the development is in full swing.


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  3. Chronicles = is a historical account of facts and events ranged in chronological order, as in a time line.

    This means the name is saying "This is the past of Alexstrasza and all what happened"

    So all Warcraft fans who love the pornography of it will think "So this is what she used to be like!"

    I personally like the name though, but maybe..

    Whorecraft - The adventures of Alexstrasza
    Whorecraft - Alexstrasza the Lifebinder
    Whorecraft - Alexstrasza's quest for passion
    Whorecraft - Alexstrasza's World
    Whorecraft - The secrets of Alexstrasza
    Whorecraft - Alexstrasza's forbidden desires
    Whorecraft - The divine desires of Alexstrasza
    Whorecraft - The World of Alexstrasza

    Etc etc could make some more.

  4. Will this (or at least the demo) work on Mac and Linux?

  5. Sorry, no idea. I am a Windows user. But in game there is a folder Mac I do not know why she's there

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  7. Auril подскажи пожалуйста где скачать Whorecraft: The Chronicles of Alexstrasza

  8. Dear Auril.

    I like your work, you are very talented. But there is a sad part, that is i cant download your games from properly. My Anti virus is blocking it from downloading. And even after turning off the anti virus, i cannot download it properly. It turns off my internet connection automatically. can you please upload it to some other downloading website??
    like Rapidshare and etc.
    Please Reply and Please help me about it.

  9. what is the link to download this?

  10. How to get out of jail in Ch1Ep1 remake?